Kanye Leaves Barneys In Confederate Flag Jacket Combining Contradiction And Controversy

In his effort to take back the Confederate flag as he so eloquently puts it, Kanye West was spotted in L.A. recently wearing a confederate flag jacket as he left Barneys.

It presents an ironic image to see the outspoken hip-hop star wearing a jacket donning a flag historically known to represent a symbol of hate and discrimination leaving a store that was recently accused of racial profiling.

Adding to the irony of it all, the rapper went on a rant about the Barneys racial profiling incident on the Las Vegas stop of his now postponed tour. He connected the alleged racial discrimination the two customers experienced to the lyrics of his song, "New Slaves."

That’s that broke n*gga racism. Don’t touch anything in the store. Excuse me that’s that, “can I help you sir?” That’s that racial profiling out in front of Barneys and sh*t. Talking about, “did you steal that?” And it’s that rich n*gga racism, that’s come in… come in Ye please buy more, please buy more… I know you just got some money and can’t wait to spend it n*gga.

kanye west barneys

West left the store in this black Lambo.

kanye west barneys