Kanye West Deletes Tweets, Signals Twitter Hiatus

"If I don't say something in a rap or on Twitter, it's not true," Kanye West told Us Weekly back in April, thus giving his Twitter musings an added stamp of credibility.

So when West tweets, we listen up. And the "Watch the Throne" rapper invariably has a lot on his mind.

Sometimes, he's reminiscing about accompanying his mom to discount fur stores as a child. Sometimes, he's voicing his sartorial pet peeves, such as "button up shirts with hoodies," "khaki trench coats with jeans and off brand work out sneakers" and "big ass striped scarves." Sometimes, he reflects on the nature of profanity. And sometimes, he shares photos flaunting his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's enviable curves.

Needless to say, we were greatly disappointed to discover that West has deleted all of the aforementioned gems from his account, cryptically commenting, "BE BACK SOON" (and prompting the question, back from where? Paris Fashion Week? Looking for a Halloween costume to top last year's "Thriller" getup? Scouting more exotic pets for Kim? Hanging out with former CIA director George Tenet?)

No word on whether the notoriously publicity shy, social-media averse Kardashian will follow suit. But in the meantime, rest assured that Kanye will continue to read her tweets: Hers is now the only account he's following.

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