Kanye West Deleted His Twitter Account And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

Fans already miss the old Kanye.

It truly is the end of an era. Kanye West has deleted his Twitter account

On Friday, the rapper apparently deactivated the account, which had become a hub for his all caps musings over the years. But that’s not all ― it appears the rapper also deactivated his Instagram account, which he only created last year. 

West’s Twitter briefly disappeared in August 2016, though it turned out to be an error on the social media site’s end; Yeezy didn’t delete the account. 

No explanation for the decision was given, though Ye did just launch a new kids clothing line with wife Kim Kardashian, so perhaps he’s focusing his energy there. Or, as one Twitter user pointed out, he may be working on new music.

Of course, Yeezus did have a pretty rough 2016 ― what with Kim’s robbery and his stay in the hospital ― so there’s also a chance he might just want a much-needed break from social media. We can’t blame him. 

Whatever the reason, fans have a lot of feelings about it. 



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