Poet Delivers Powerful Piece On Kanye: 'You Forgot You Black, Boy?'

"You ain't cracked up to what you was supposed to be."

“Maybe Yeezus was all talk. Jesus never needed Adidas to walk.”

After Kanye West’s shocking meeting with president-elect Donald Trump on Monday, there’s been a collective loss of interest in trying to reconcile the rapper’s erratic behavior.

But before Yeezy’s pro-Trump proclamation and concert cancellations, poet Jasmine Mans predicted the rapper’s downfall last December in her poem “Footnotes For Kanye.”

Brilliantly alluding to lyrics from some of West’s earlier works, Mans asserts that his marriage to Kim Kardashian distanced West from his black identity.

“When Kim f**ks up the lyrics to ‘The College Dropout’ like them white folks used to f**k up your name, do you pretend not to notice?” Mans recites.

Materialism and lack of social activism are among the other problematic aspects of West’s life that Mans addresses.

“Can you hear all the black kids calling your name? Wondering why the boy who rapped about his momma getting arrested for the sit-ins didn’t sit-in―-why he traded in his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren.”

Check out the full “Footnotes For Kanye” performance in the video above.

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