The Kanye West And Donald Trump Lovefest Becomes 2018's Funniest Meme

Samuel L. Jackson and Jordan Peele also chimed in.

Rapper Kanye West and President Donald Trump enjoyed a much-publicized moment on Twitter Wednesday.

West’s series of pro-Trump tweets attracted the attention of POTUS himself, and it predictably sent the social media platform into a meltdown. Many users, including movie stars Jordan Peele and Samuel L. Jackson, poked fun at the interaction.

One tweeter suggested that this West “gotta be a clone” of the rapper who in 2005 slammed former President George W. Bush for not caring about black people after Hurricane Katrina.

Another warned that West ― who on Tuesday teased a presidential run in 2024 ― was now using Twitter “exactly how Trump did during the 2016 election. Erratic, outrageous and often confusing bursts of tweets that drive the national discourse.”