Kanye West Twitter Rant: Rapper Announces New Company DONDA And Clears Up Fashion Collection Rumors

Major Twitter Rant From Mr. West

Kanye West went on a major Twitter rant Wednesday night to clarify rumors surrounding his clothing company and to announce the launch of a new company called "DONDA"-- affectionately named after his mother Donde West who passed away in 2007.

First, the "Watch The Throne" rapper would like everyone to know that the women's fashion collection he launched during Paris Fashion Week in September is not called "DW"--it's simply "Kanye West." Makes sense.

Which means that the report regarding a Twitter account created for the collection with the handle @dwbykanye is fake.

West tweeted:

"The name of the line is Kanye West not DW... The Dw was a design element placed on the invite in homage to my mom : )"

"I really appreciate the fake DW twitter page but since it's not official I can't co sign any information on it."

In addition, we learned that despite the lack of confidence in West's clothing designs, He has had some impressive experience within the industry--including an internship at Fendi and a 2-year apprenticeship at Giuseppe Zanotti.

Now with all that fashion fuss cleared up, West can focus his efforts on world domination with DONDA. For over an hour, West tweeted a steady stream of thoughts, ideas and goals about the company. An epic 80-tweet rant. The company sounds like a think tank where West will employ an army of creative people to produce tons of amazing products that will change the world in a positive way. Pretty fab, right? Well, West certainly thinks so and wants anyone that feels the same to email him at: contactDONDA@gmail.com

Gasp! We're just as shocked as you. Fingers crossed he's really serious. Start updating that resume!

It's also worth noting that amongst all this talk of altruism, West did not mention anything about the Kim Kardashian/Amber Rose/Reggie Bush cheating scandal that surfaced yesterday. Damage control?

Here are West's tweets explaining all the DONDA details:

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