Kanye West Gets In Touch With His Inner Belieber At Justin Bieber Concert

Dancing Kanye is our favorite Kanye.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West left the kids at home to hang out with their good friend Justin Bieber in Los Angeles Monday night. Just the three of them and thousands of other concert goers. 

The Wests attended Bieber's "Purpose" tour stop and Kim caught Kanye dancing to his favorite song of 2015 -- "What Do You Mean?" Thankfully, she documented it for all of us on Snapchat. 

Kanye previously talked about his love for the song on Twitter earlier this month, probably right after he scored some sweet seats to Bieber's concert: 

Kim also shared a video of her singing "As Long As You Love Me" to her hubby. Ye looked like he was mouthing the words until he realized his wife was recording him:  

Justin later tweeted at Kanye, thanking him for coming to his concert: 

It's probably safe to say Pablo (and Kim) had a a really great date night. 

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