Kanye West Hires Gordon Ramsay For Cooking Lessons

The thought of Kanye West with a Wusthof knife is a little alarming to begin with. The thought of the notoriously impulsive rapper holding a Wusthof knife while being yelled at by a notoriously hotheaded chef is even more so. But West apparently wants to learn how to cook for his entourage. So, according to the Mirror, he's hiring Michelin-starred Masterchef host Gordon Ramsay to teach him how. The report is unconfirmed, but Ramsay is in just bad enough a way to make it believable. West, for his part, may have been stung by the hilarity of the tumblr "no one man should have all that flour," which got laughs by inserting culinary terms into his lyrics.

Ramsay isn't the first celebrity chef to have a close encounter with a plain old celebrity. Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali are practically best buds; they even did a cooking show together. And this April, in a less aggressive version of the West-Ramsay match-up, Jamie Oliver gave cooking lessons to Brad Pitt.

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