Kanye West Finally Answers Jimmy Kimmel's Question About Donald Trump

West also apologized for comments made in May in which he called slavery a "choice."

Kanye West has finally answered Jimmy Kimmel’s probing question about Donald Trump ― and it only took 20 days.

On Aug. 9, West appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for a wide-ranging interview that covered everything from Galileo to his new album. 

But there was one question Kimmel asked that West never answered. 

“You so famously and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people,’” Kimmel said, referring to comments West made at a 2005 benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief. “It makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does, or any people at all?”

West paused for four seconds and seemed at a loss for words as Kimmel went to a commercial. Though the talk show host promised to come back to the question, he never did.

Kimmel told the Daily Beast last week that he didn’t push West after the break because he felt West’s silence “answered the question.”

He added: “I also know that if Kanye wanted to continue on a subject, then he is not shy about continuing on that subject.”

West did finally answer the question on Wednesday, but not to Kimmel. Instead, he appeared on 107.5 WGCI Chicago and the hosts decided to follow up on Kimmel’s question.

This time, the rapper had an answer.

“I feel that [Trump] cares about the way black people feel about him, and he would like for black people to like him like they did when he was cool in the rap songs and all this,” West said.

West believes the president “will do the things that are necessary” to get African-American support “because he’s got an ego like all the rest of us, and he wants to be the greatest president, and he knows that he can’t be the greatest president without the acceptance of the black community.”

In the interview, West also apologized for comments he made in May to TMZ about how slavery “sounds like a choice”:

“I don’t know if I properly apologized for how the slavery comment made people feel. I’m sorry for the one-two effect of the MAGA hat into the slave comment, and I’m sorry for people that felt let down by that moment. And I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to talk to you about the way I was thinking and what I was going through.”

The complete interview can be seen in this Facebook link:



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