Kanye West Not Bringing Kim Kardashian To Paris Fashion Week Out Of Embarrassment?

Because you never know when Anna Wintour might be watching.

The tangled three-way relationship between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and fashion has grown even more complicated as of late. After chucking most of her wardrobe, making her over in his high-fashion vision, supposedly pressuring her to lose weight and taking her along to New York Fashion Week, Kanye West has decided that Kim Kardashian is still not fit to attend Paris Fashion Week with him.

The New York Daily News reports "exclusively" that West has been RSVP'ing for this week's runway shows without a plus-one... and not telling Kim about it. A source tells the Daily News, "He didn’t think it was good for his reputation... [but] he didn’t want to hurt her feelings."

It may go without saying, but we'll point it out anyway: it's not like Mr. West has the most sterling reputation amongst the fashion set himself. After dallying in the style world at multiple "internships," Kanye finally designed and presented two fashion collections in Paris this past year... to lackluster reviews. This fall the rapper-cum-designer decided to skip a Spring 2013 fashion show altogether, prompting questions as to whether his design career is already over.

But West still values his reputation in the biz, enough to leave his reality star girlfriend home. The Daily News' sources say that “he’s uncomfortable bringing her” and “wants to be taken seriously" by the glitterati in Paris. So no Fashion Week for Kim it is.

This is all hear-say, of course -- Kim might have remained stateside to attend to her own business. But given how serious Kanye is about making it in fashion (and how fashion seems to hate Kim), we wouldn't be too surprised if the rumors contain some truth.

Read more at NYDailyNews.com... and check out cute (?) pics of Kanye and Kim being stylish together in the slideshow below:

Kim & Kanye's Coordinating Outfits

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