Kanye West Knows How To Pronounce 'Kardashian,' So Calm Down

Give the man some credit.

Kanye West is a lot of things, but is he a man who doesn't know how to pronounce his own wife's last name? 

No. He is not. Of course he is not. And yet, MTV NewsRefinery 29 and Jezebel apparently employ writers who believe he is. 

Yes, somehow there's actually people out there wondering if Kanye (a man, who attended Chicago State University where he studied ENGLISH) doesn't know how to pronounce his wife's last name. Not to mention said wife is also one of the most famous people on the planet. 

The fact that people could even come up with such accusations comes from a promo clip for the finale episode of “Kocktails with Khloé.” West mentions that he only got a phone once he heard that Kim was engaged to Kris Humphries back in 2011:

"I looked on the Internet, and there was Kim Kar-dijon with some extremely tall person. And I was like, 'I need to call her or something,'" he said. 

So his pronunciation was an obvious joke and one that he's made before. 

The rapper has basically always been in love with Kardashian and after he proposed to her in October 2013, he told Ryan Seacrest, “I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time. I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, ‘Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?’” 

If anyone needs that explained to them, it's more of a comment on her relative obscurity back in 2006. The joke is more that he couldn't quite recall her last name, not that he couldn't pronounce it. 

But you know, that didn't stop MTV, Refinery 29 and Jezebel from trying to embarrass West.  

Because, oh look, here's another clip from "Kocktails with Khloé," in which he perfectly pronounces "Kardashian" (at the 0:42 second mark): 

And wait, what's that? He very clearly pronounces it correctly in the clip below: 

Again, Kanye West is a lot of things, but is he a man who doesn't know how to pronounce his wife's last name? Nope. 



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