Kanye West Slams 'Gold Digger,' Wonders 'What The F--k' Lady Gaga Knows About Cameras

The Kanye Song Kanye Doesn't Like

Kanye West recently took time to chat with Zane Lowe, a DJ for BBC's Radio 1, touching on everything from his latest album "Yeezus" to the animated film "Wreck-It Ralph." The second part of the interview made its way online on Tuesday, including a gem that had West speaking out against one of his own songs by saying, "I never really liked that song but I did 'Gold Digger.'" He went on to comment on artists with hands in the business word, taking particular issue with Lady Gaga's partnership with Polaroid. "Look at Gaga, she's the creative director of Polaroid," she said. "I like some of the Gaga songs -- what the fuck does she know about cameras?"


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