Kanye West, Lil Pump's New Song: 'You're Such A F**king Ho. I Love It!'

The surreal video premiered at the Pornhub Awards.

If marijuana is legal by you already, you may want to roll a jay before you take all this in.

If you’re ready now, let’s get to it: Kanye West and Lil Pump dropped a song together and it’s called “I Love It.” The video features West and Pump in Roblox-esque cartoonish outfits, comedian Adele Givens, and a whole lot of bopping.

While Icona Pop’s “I Love It” from 2012 immediately comes to mind, West and Pump’s song is not about breaking up with an older boyfriend. It’s about sex. Obviously.

“You’re such a fucking ho. I love it! (I love it),” says the song’s entire chorus, over and over again. The rest of the lyrics will equally lend themselves to you wondering if you’re being trolled or offended.

The song and video premiered Thursday night at the first Pornhub Awards, for which West acted as creative director. Each presenter was outfitted by YEEZY, and the award trophies were even designed by West. As if that wasn’t trippy enough, Pornhub ― of which West has a lifetime premium membership ― allowed the performer to premiere his surreal new video.

You can watch the madness, directed by West and Amanda Adelson and produced by Spike Jonze, above. If you’ve already watched it and want to discuss with others, here’s what some Twitter users are saying:



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