Kanye West Declares His Favorite Restaurant Is McDonald's

He's making America gasp again.

This might be his most controversial endorsement of all.

Kanye West declared on Twitter Sunday that his favorite restaurant is McDonald’s.

Sure, his ardent support of fast-food loving President Donald Trump has raised eyebrows, as has his bizarre White House appearance and a few of his remarks of late. The rapper also made a six-figure donation to Democratic mayoral candidate Amara Enyia in his hometown of Chicago after saying last month he was “distancing” himself from politics.

But Yeezy’s fresh declaration of allegiance to the Golden Arches just earned him a true McRibbing on Twitter.

Of course, a few folks noted that Trump famously is a fan of the golden arches as well. 

Rapper Rick Ross suggested a fast-food alternative for West ― no surprise, given that Ross owns several franchises.

But many believed West didn’t deserve a break today.