Kanye West, 'Mercy': Rapper, 2Chainz, Pusha-T And Big Sean Drop G.O.O.D. Music Track, Here Are Some Lyrics (AUDIO)

Kanye West Releases 'Mercy'

Kanye West's "Mercy" hit airwaves on Thursday, and the song featuring 2Chainz, Pusha-T and Big Sean generated quite a storm, igniting a DJ war that overshadowed any lyrics on the track.

Though "Mercy" was supposed to be released at midnight on Good Friday (get it?), West mixed it up again by passing the track to radio DJ's who played it on the radio at just after 8 pm on Thursday. DJ Clue and Funkmaster Flex played the song, and both of the influential radio hosts played the song with their own promos dropped on the track.

Clue taunted Flex on the air, telling his competitors to "get off my heels." After he played the track, Flex wasted no time ripping into Clue, yelling, "You're not built like me! You don't work hard enough! You don't get up early enough! You want to look cool while I'm out stealing music!"

But before New York's radio kings got into it, they played the song. Lyrically, "Mercy" doesn't have much to it, but it's a competent piece of braggadocio. Here's 'Ye's verse:

I threw suicides on that private jet,

You know what that means, I'm fly to death

I step in the Def Jam building like I'm the sh**

Tell them give me $50 million or I'm going to quit

Most rappers taste level ain't even at my waste level,

Turn up the bass level till it's at your face level

Don't do no press but I get the most press kid.

Plus my plush make your [unintelligible] look like Precious

Something about Mary, she's off that molly
Now her whole party is melted like Dali
Now everybody is moving their body
Don't sell me the apartment, I move in the lobby
N****s is loiterin' just to feel important
You gon' see you laywers and n****s in Jordans

It remains to be seen if West's reference to molly (the street term for MDMA and ecstasy) will cause as much of stir as Madonna's did.

On Wednesday night, New York DJ Funkmaster Flex surprised fans by dropping "Theraflu," a Hit-Boy produced track that most memorably lashes out at Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries. 'Ye said Humphries is lucky that he didn't get kicked off the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets by West's rap partner and friend Jay-Z (because that would happen!).

West also addressed rumors he was upset with Wiz Khalifa, the rapper who is engaged to Amber Rose, Kanye's ex-girlfriend ("And the whole industry want to f*** your old chick / Only n**** I got respect for is Wiz"). He's over it, and onto someone else: Humphries' ex. "I admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she fell in love with him," he laments.

Kardashian was spotted leaving West's apartment building Thursday morning and the pair was reportedly spotted having lunch together as well.

PETA took great umbrage at being referenced in the song ("Tell PETA my mink's dragging on the floor," West raps), and called him a "great musician" who has "no empathy for animals or human beings." They even took a swipe at his fashion line, describing West's work as "caveman costumes." (That's better than last year, when a PETA rep said he and then-girlfriend Rose looked like "pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo.")

Never a dull day when Mr. West is in the building. The song hit iTunes shortly before midnight on Thursday.

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