Kanye West Wore Ripped Jeans To The Met Gala, And Was Still The Best-Dressed Man

Here's why it sucks that this is so.

Yay for Ye.

Look, as far as the guys go, Kanye West won the Met Gala this year.

That's not a popular statement on the Internet right now, now that Twitter pointed out how he wore ripped blue jeans, a white T-shirt and bedazzled denim jacket (with blue contact lenses) to a prestigious red carpet gala event.

A red carpet gala event, mind you, that has been billed as the Super Bowl of American fashion and the "undisputed party of the year on the New York social schedule."

A custom Balmain beaded denim jacket with crystals, pearls and sequins and a $900 pair of Fear of God selvedge jeans was not enough to woo the Twitics (Twitter critics):

The thing is, these people are not Kanye West. Regular mortal rules still apply to these people.

When you are Kanye West, YOU ARE KANYE WEST. You're Yeezus. Your eccentricity has disqualified you from any of the rules.

Vogue agrees -- the editors voted him and Kim Kardashian the Met Gala's Best Dressed Couple -- and Yeezus is pleased:

But here's the real problem: Kanye's rhinestone cowboy look was the biggest fashion risk a guy took last night.

Idris Elba, Miles Teller, Bradley Cooper -- even Jaden Smith, who wears a surgical mask as an accessory and talks into his coconut water in everyday life -- were all understated at the Met Gala.

Here, in a world without Bowie, without Prince, at a white tie event themed around the exhibition "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" that not only allows avant garde but basically says "go crazy" on the invite, who are our style leaders?

Other than Kanye (and maybe Gucci's Alessandro Michele), all the guys at the Met -- while very well-dressed -- were boring as hell.

Get crazy, fellas.

Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell
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Idris Elba
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Robert Pattinson
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Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry
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Donna Karan and Calvin Klein
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Lewis Hamilton
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The Weeknd
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George Pimentel via Getty Images
Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter
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Rami Malek
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Marc Jacobs and Bette Midler
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Tommy Hilfiger
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