Watch Kanye West Rap With His Mom In An Unearthed Video

Kanye West's loving relationship with his late mother Donda has been well-documented in interviews, his music and his design work, and in a recently unearthed video, we see candid, touching moments between the two. The clip below, which debuted on YouTube last week, shows Kanye rapping with his mother in a kitchen. Donda reminds him of a verse he'd written and he says, "That shows you if you have a rap that actually means something, it's good. It stands the test of time if you say something."

Then they sing "Hey Mama," which was released on 2005's "Late Registration." Knowing what we do about their relationship and the effect Donda had on Kanye -- he recently said "Only One" was influenced by his mother's spirit -- the video is beautiful in a totally non-corny way, showing the deep, deep connection between mother and son.

h/t The Fader

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