Kanye West Rings In 2019 With Bizarre Political Tweetstorm

In October the rapper tweeted he was "distancing" himself "from politics." Now he's back to tweeting about Trump.

After his meeting with President Donald Trump in October, Kanye West announced that he planned to step away from politics, saying he had been “used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

That resolution didn’t last very long into 2019, because Yeezy was back on Twitter Tuesday morning with a tweetstorm suggesting he’s back on the Trump train.

That was just the beginning. Then things got real weird when the rapper posted some dragon emojis.

And an explanation of his state of mind.

West made some political statements.

Then he tweeted “2024,” possibly hinting at a future presidential campaign.

Then he apparently demonstrated his diplomatic bona fides by reaching out to fellow musician Drake, whom West bashed in a recent tweetstorm.

Yeezy then promised his “Make America great again” hat was back on his head and explained its appeal.



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