Kanye West Got A Ride With Paparazzi Because Nothing Makes Sense

He ditched Uber so he didn't have to wait all day, all day.

A few things are certainties in life: death, taxes, Taylor Swift dancing at award shows (she just loves to dance, guys, seriously) and the fact that Kanye West hates the paparazzi.

West has had serious incidents photographers in the past. One even resulted in probation. But now, everything has changed.

In February, West broke up a fight between photographers by hugging. (OK, no single hug should have all that power.) Now, the rapper is hitching rides with them, too.

While looking for an Uber on Tuesday, West reportedly ditched the ride and got in the car with the paparazzi instead. The story sounds pretty unbelievable, except there's a whole video showing it. Duh, 'cause they're paparazzi.

Obviously, this raises a lot of questions. Shouldn't West be in the studio working on "The Life of Pablo" still? Do paparazzi charge surge pricing? And did they hit "all of the lights"?

The only thing for sure is this: nothing makes sense anymore.



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