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Kanye West Nearly Sells Out APC Clothing Collection, Raises Eyebrows With Prices (PHOTOS)

So that Kanye West x A.P.C. collaboration we were semi-mocking? Looks like Kanye has had the last laugh.

People StyleWatch reports that the debut of the Kanye West x A.P.C. capsule collection swamped the A.P.C. website this morning, crashing the site and nearly selling out completely. We checked out the situation ourselves (research purposes, of course) and found that many of the pieces are only available for pre-order, although there are items still listed as in-stock.

Notably popular was the $120 Hip-Hop T-Shirt. While $120 for a plain white tee might not seem a lot to fashion folks (Hermes sells one for $345), many Kanye fans are predictably annoyed. As one Redditor put it, "Fruit of Loom are selling knock off shirts in 4 packs for like 10 bucks. Don't tell Kanye."

Hey, at least the tee is cheaper than the $280 sweatshirts and the $265 jeans.

You can put in your pre-order at A.P.C.'s (slow but finally functioning) website now -- just don't expect prompt delivery. The website warns buyers that shipping of the in-demand pieces can take months. Oh, and there are no refunds or exchanges. Yeezy wouldn't have it any other way.


kanye west sells out clothing line


Hey, we've seen pricier white shirts:

You Can Charge Anything For A White Tee

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