Kanye West Shoes Can Now Be Yours -- For $6,000 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Kanye West's Shoes Are Selling For HOW Much?

Remember when Kanye West tried to be a fashion designer? Remember when we all kind of LOLed about it? Remember when the clothes turned out to not actually be that bad?

The line Dw by Kanye premiered at Paris Fashion Week back in October 2011, featuring shoes that Kanye designed after spending tons of time chilling with shoe king Giuseppe Zanotti.

One of those pairs was a ruffly white crochet stiletto that made it into Harper's Bazaar Australia and that vaguely resembled, well, infantwear. (The Gloss hilariously christened them "sexy baby booties.")

Well, guess what: those shoes can now be yours -- shoppers have spotted them for sale at posh French boutique Colette.

But obvs, Kanye shoes (Kanyoes?) are not going to come cheap. Colette is reportedly selling them for 4420 euros, or $5,887.

He's got the outrageous fashion pricing down, and he even designed more shoes that showed at Dion Lee's collection in London this spring -- maybe Kanye should pack up his unisex sweaters for London and move there after all.

Scroll down for more photos to see Kanye's first collection in full.

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Kanye West shows at PFW

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