Kanye West Debuts New Song 'Water' For 'Sunday Service' Performance At Coachella

The "Jesus Walks" rapper was joined by DMX, Chance the Rapper and others during his set on Easter Sunday.

Kanye West brought his weekly gospel series “Sunday Service” to the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California on Sunday for an electrified 2.5-hour set that included cameos by DMX, Chance the Rapper and others.

The “Jesus Walks” rapper gave a Christian-inspired performance on Easter Sunday atop “The Mountain,” a hillside at the Coachella campsite located about 130 miles east of Los Angeles. During the set, he debuted a new song, “Water.”

Fans were able to view a livestream of the performance ― albeit through what appeared to be a pinhole ― on Coachella’s YouTube page.

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