Kanye West Tells Art Students To Leave Elon Musk 'The F**k Alone'

The rapper hopped onto a table to defend the embattled Tesla CEO.

Kanye West seized center stage at a Detroit art school this week to defend embattled Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The rapper ― adding to an attention-grabbing run praising President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” and posting a misinterpreted tweet about the constitutional amendment that abolished slavery ― jumped onto a table Tuesday to speak up for tech titan Musk, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Elon Musk ― I don’t give a fuck who’s over at his house ― leave that man the fuck alone,” West told students at the College for Creative Studies.

”kanye really came to our little art school and told us to leave elon musk alone,” wrote a student who posted the clip on Twitter.


Complex speculated that the performer’s “house” remark referred to a controversy last summer in which rapper Azealia Banks claimed to have spent the weekend stranded at Musk’s mansion while waiting to work on a track with Musk’s girlfriend, the singer Grimes.

Banks suggested that Musk was high on acid around the time he declared his intention to take Tesla private ― a claim that this week led to a Securities and Exchange Commission settlement that fines Musk $20 million and forces him out as Tesla chairman. 

HuffPost has reached out to West and the person who posted the video for comments.