Kanye West Calls Kardashians The 'Most Remarkable People Of Our Time' In Wedding Speech

Kanye Calls Kardashians 'The Most Remarkable People Of Our Time'

What is a wedding without speeches? And what would Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding be if the rapper didn't give a 20-minute speech, in which he counted the Kardashian family among "the most remarkable people" of our time?

E! News reports that the 36-year-old rapper, who became a pro at giving lengthy speeches during his Yeezus tour this past year, did not disappoint when it came to addressing his friends and family on May 24.

West reportedly went on about the culture of celebrity, and how all the spoofs, parodies and tabloid covers don't get him or the Kardashian family down, a source also told Us Weekly.

"They feel like it's okay to put you on the tabloid covers to sell your image, to use you in an 'SNL' spoof," West told his guests, according to the insider. "We don't negotiate. We're not like that. We're not stupid."

West reportedly later added, "The Kardashians are an industry!"

According to Us Weekly, the rapper also spoke about his and his new bride's inner circle, calling them "warriors."

"We are warriors! There is not one person at this table that has not had to defend us at some point or another," he said, before referring to a group of guests, including his new in-laws, as "the most remarkable people of our time," whose combination of powers "can make the world a better place."

West also gushed about about his new bride, reportedly calling Kim Kardashian the "ideal celebrity" and the "ideal art."

Oh, and perhaps remembering that he was giving a speech at his own wedding, he also threw in that he was excited about "spending every single day of my life with Kim.”

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