Kanye West Does A 'Yummy Yummy' Wiggles Dance In New Mashup Video

"Fruit salad... yummy yummy... fruit salad... yummy yummy."

Get ready for a serious earworm infection.

A new mashup video of Kanye West dancing at the VMAs on Sunday makes it appear as if he's grooving to "Fruit Salad" by the preschool-friendly Wiggles. 

"Fruit salad... yummy yummy... fruit salad... yummy yummy." 

Even John Legend seems to be getting in on the act. 

West's appearance at the VMAs has given the Internet meme machine plenty of new fodder, including clips that make his speech seem like a stand-up routine and one with Seinfeld music mixed in. 

If you can't get "Fruit Salad" out of your head, try this trick.

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