Kanye West's Fatburger Closes: Restaurant In Chicago Suburb Turns Out All Of The Lights

Kanye's Burger Fail: Restaurant Quietly Closes Doors

Emcee, producer, fashion trendsetter, film creator -- Kanye West wears many hats. One that isn't looking so good on him these days is his chef's hat, as Yeezy the restaurateur suffered a stinging blow last week.

In 2008, West decided that his home town of Chicago needed a dose of the West Coast, in the form of the cult burger stand Fatburger. After some wrangling, his food company KW Foods, LLC was able to obtain the rights to open ten Fatburgers around the Chicago area.

The first one opened its doors in suburban Orland Park in September of that year, followed by a second in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood.

But last Thursday, the flagship Orland Park location quietly closed its doors.

From WGN's coverage of the closure:

James Newell, Fatburger's director of operations, pointed to the recent financial performance of the store as the reason the store closed, "It's unfortunate, but we hope to have a presence in Orland Park again in the future."

The Beverly location is still open for business, and there's no word yet as to whether or not KW Foods has plans to expand the franchise further.

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