Kanye Zone: Game Asks You To Keep Kanye West From Getting In The Zone

Don't Let Kanye Into His Zone: An Interactive Web Experience

Kanye may be popping up in your Facebook and Twitter feeds today, but he's not on another late-night twitter rant or causing trouble in the UK.

Instead, Kanye and fellow rapper Jay-Z are featured in the online video game "Kanye Zone."

The premise of the game, which has Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch The Throne track "N****s In Paris" playing in the background, is to keep Kanye out of his "zone" by aggressively hitting the space bar and left and right arrow buttons. When the player loses, Jay-Z's head pops up along with the text "You Lose."

A number of critic-approved comments appear below the game such as TheStreetTalk.com's declaration that "it's most fun when you're stoned," and Prefix's admission the game is "So stupid. Yet it's so great."

This isn't the first time "N*****s In Paris" has been used for a comedic (and fun!) purpose. "N****s In Paris At Midnight," a "Midnight In Paris" and "N****s In Paris" mashup that found its way online in February.

To try your hand at keeping Kanye out of his zone, head over to kanyezone.com.

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