Artist Stretches And Smooshes Her Face Like It's Play Dough In Creepy GIF Series

Creepy GIF Series Shows Just How Warped The Human Face Can Be

Here's an image that will stick with you for a while.


Artist and animator Kara Zona transforms her skin into a medium in her creepy (and totally addicting) GIF scan series. Titled "Face Stretch," the works are exactly what they sound like: moving images that show just how pliable human flesh truly is. In some GIFs, Zona appears like she's underwater, with shimmering reflections of light bouncing off the skin. In others, she seems like a human-shaped rubber band, or as The Creator's Project aptly put it, "like a warped, fleshy slinky."


On her website, Zona explains her artistic goal "to make the unreal real and the real unreal." She explores this issue, and the questions that subsequently arise, with the help of a scanner.

"A scanners innate use is to copy and digitize a real life object. Scanning physically takes these real life objects and makes them unreal by making a digital copy of the scanned object's existence. It locks its form in space-time forever as this digital prison. This frozen moment that each scan shows is proof of a conscious reality stored as an intangible form. Copies are not the real-original, therefore copies are unreal pseudo-originals. With that in mind there are key questions to start asking oneself about copies in general."

See Zona's trippy GIF scans below and let us know if your sense of reality is unhinged in the comments.

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