Kardashian Brand Accused Of Using Child Slave Labor

The temptations of taking manufacturing overseas can be hard to resist: lower production costs, quick turnover and even better quality. But the risks of doing business in under-regulated countries often comes back to bite, as the Kardashian family is now finding out.

The Kardashians recently came under fire due to claims that their clothing lines are manufactured in areas of China where child slave labor is rampant. The report, originally covered by Star magazine, was later complicated by a phone statement by Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights executive Charles Kernaghan on TMZ Live, where he clarified that although he had never actually visited the factories in question, "We are very suspicious that the garments could be made under decent conditions -- it doesn't work like that in China." He went on to say, "With every research campaign we have done in China, you always come up with nasty, sweatshop conditions."

The Kardashians have threatened legal action for defamation of the brand against all those making such claims, telling, "This is the first we are hearing about it and take it very seriously as we would never condone this."