Here's The Kardashian Family Finding Out That Tristan Thompson Cheated On Khloe

"I hate him," Kim says in the trailer from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

In the decade-plus that the Kardashians have been filming shows for E!, the cameras have captured quite a lot of difficult family moments.

From the Lamar Odom and Scott Disick cheating scandals, to Odom’s overdose, Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage to Kris Humphries, that terrifying Paris robbery and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, this family has worked through a lot in real life and on TV. 

In the latest trailer for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the drama continues, as the clip reveals moments when various family members react to the news that Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on a pregnant Khloe Kardashian

Just days before Khloe was about to give birth, videos obtained by the Daily Mail and TMZ showed the NBA player getting cozy with various other women

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian together on Feb. 17 in Los Angeles.
Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian together on Feb. 17 in Los Angeles.

In the newly released clips, Kim is seen on the phone during a confessional telling someone that “they have another video of him.” In the next scene, she says, “Unfollowed. I hate him ― sorry not sorry,” which seemingly refers to Thompson as well. 

Fans then see a pregnant Khloe at the doctor’s saying, “The things I can control, I have to be able to control.”

Her mom, Kris Jenner, is less calm in another scene, as she says, “These guys are always going for sloppy seconds.” (Kourtney’s former longtime boyfriend, Disick, was caught cheating on her, as was Khloe’s ex-husband, Odom.)

Khloe and Thompson never commented publicly on the allegations, though her sister and mother did in separate interviews on “The Ellen Show.” 

“Poor Khloe,” Kim told Ellen DeGeneres in April. “I don’t even know how to describe it besides it’s just so fucked up.”

“We really were rooting for Khloe and we still are. She’s so strong and she’s doing the best that she can,” the reality star said. 

Kim added, “It’s a really sad situation all over. I kind of made this rule with my brother. If there’s a baby involved, I’m going to keep it cute and classy and try not to say anything negative because one day True [Khloe’s baby] is going to see this. It’s just so messed up.” 

Kris echoed Kim’s comments on “Ellen” a month later.

“She’s just concentrating on being a mom, her baby, and I think that’s what her sisters are doing as well,” the momager said through tears. “She’s just so excited about motherhood.”

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