The Kardashians Are Already Being Annoying About Their Trip To Cuba

This is a real country, not "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights."

Whoever suggested that the Kardashians go to Cuba to film scenes for their reality show should be sent to Ryan Seacrest's basement (aka Brian Dunkleman's permanent residence), never to be heard from again. 

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's sojourn down south has already attracted negative attention from critics noting their insensitivity to Cuban people, history and culture. In their limited time on the island, they've managed to post not one, not two, but three pictures of them smoking cigars, as well as cluelessly posing in front of an engraving that reads "Fidel," the name of the controversial Cuban politician and revolutionary responsible for various human rights abuses.

The family is desperately in need of a PR intervention, because Khloe's current social media presence reads like a How Not To Study Abroad 101 manual.  

Te amo con todo mi corazón Malika ❤️

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Havana 🇨🇺

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Many commenters took offense to Khloe showcasing the former leader's name, calling out her ignorance to the country's painful past and as well as the lived reality of many Cubans today. 

"Please make some good use of Google because you obviously don't have any idea what communism, dictatorship, oppression or regression is," one person wrote. "I would also suggest you find other people to look up to instead of a damn Kardashian."

"As a Cuban Woman this picture to me is just WRONG," another commenter added. "My father was a political prisoner and my grandfather and uncles ... And to think that she and her sisters traveled to her father's homeland to learn and give awareness about the Armenian Genocide ... And YOU stand in front of a wall with the Name of a Man that has murdered countless innocent people and has taken human rights away from the Cuban People."

Even U.S. representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of South Florida was disturbed by the image of Cuba the Kardashians are promoting. 

"I know it's cool for celebrities to go to Cuba, but the Cuban people don't experience the glamorous Havana that is featured on social media," Ros-Lehtinen told People in an exclusive statement. "Far from photo shoots and fruity drinks, everyday Cubans experience a different, sad reality."

"Now, the Kardashians are parachuting into the island to tape their vapid TV show," she added. "Haven't the Cuban people suffered enough?"

But alas, the Kardashians will probably remain blissfully unaware of their problematic presence in the country, free to post another cigar pic for another day. On Wednesday, Khloe shared a marginally better post about how #blessed she is to "be able to appreciate another's culture." 

"With everyday, my goal is to expand my mind. Now, it has been filled with new memories and knowledge of culture, food, traditions, daily life," she captioned a photo of a Cuban street filled with old cars. "It will never go back to yesterday's dimensions! I'm so blessed to be able to appreciate another's culture 🙏🏽 God is GREAT! Thank you for my opportunities 💋" 

Girl, please. This is another country, not "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights."



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