This Is The Best Theory About Khloe And Kylie's Reported Pregnancies

It screams Kris Jenner.
Remember when only Kim was pregnant? 
Remember when only Kim was pregnant? 

You know the holiday season is approaching when Kris Jenner’s outlandish decorations and over-the-top Kardashian Christmas cards make their debut.

But this year, the family’s cards might serve as more than just something to hang on their friends’ refrigerators.

Some outlets are theorizing that Jenner is using the Christmas cards as a way to officially announce Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s reported pregnancies. Only Kim has confirmed she’s expecting her third child via surrogate, but recent reports have fans thinking there are actually three babies on the way in the Kardashian family.

Back in October, a source told Hollywood Life that “Kris wants to take everyone’s excitement and use this year’s card to be the reveal of all the pregnancies in the family.”

While it seemed improbable at the time, the way the family is unveiling the Christmas card adds more credibility to the theory. Kim has released bits and pieces of the card that feature herself, Kourtney, North and Saint West and Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick.

Will Khloe and Kylie be next? 

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