The Kardashians Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments

We'll never look at Kylie the same way again.

On the surface, the Kardashians (aka "America's First Family") may seem like airbrushed perfection in human form, but even they have their share of embarrassing moments. 

In a video posted by Cosmopolitan from the reality TV family's recent cover shoot, the sisters and their mom reveal some pretty hilarious stories. For instance, there was that one time Kylie Jenner pooped her pants, and according to Kendall Jenner, "left a trail of shit all the way to her room." Granted, she was only 5, but we'll never look at her the same again. Oh, and then there was that time Kris Jenner joined the mile high club. 

No stories from Kim though, because obviously she's a superhuman species and embarrassing things just don't happen to her. 


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