Kardashians SUED For $75 Million Over Debit Card Debacle: Report

The Kardashian sisters cost fans big money with their short-lived and ill-fated pre-paid debit card, and now, it may cost them big time.

According to Radar Online, the sisters are being sued for $75 million by Revenue Resource Group for pulling out of a deal with Mastercard for a pre-paid debit card for fans, saying the reneging cost the company millions.

The reality star queens released a pre-paid debit card product with Mastercard on November 10th, promising some sort of glitz and glamour for its users. On November 29th, then-Connecticut Attorney General (and now Senator) Richard Blumenthal announced he was investigating the card for its draconian and outrageous fees, prompting the girls to pull out of the deal.

Blumenthal's announcement brought on heavy criticism for its draconian and outrageous fees -- costing up to $99.95 to purchase, $7.95 per month to use after one year, $6 customer service calls, and up to $500 in damages for lost cards.