Karen Klein Bullies Receive Death Threats (VIDEO)

Karen Klein has said she doesn't want serious punishments levied upon the boys who bullied her on a school bus, but despite her calls for restraint, a number of the boys and their families are receiving death threats, CBS News reports.

"I didn't like that," Klein told CBS News when she heard about the threats.

Klein, a school bus monitor from Greece, N.Y., has received an outpouring of support after video of school boys taunting her went viral on the Internet this week.

Earlier today, Greece police rushed to the home of one of the boys after hearing the family was possibly being held at gun point, TMZ reported.

According to TMZ, authorities eventually contacted the family and determined the call was a hoax.

Thursday night, Klein heard apologies from two of the boys in the video, issued to Anderson Cooper through local police. When asked if she thought the boys involved in the upsetting incident were bad kids, the grandmother of eight said she did not.

"Not really, not deep down," she told Cooper.