Karen Lindgren Stalks Duck Before Killing It: Cops

A Florida woman is accused of stalking a duck before intentionally running it over with her car.

Karen Lindgren, 36, is charged with felony animal cruelty, Bay News 9 reports. A witness told police in Tarpon Springs that Lindren initially tried to give the duck candy. The duck wasn't interested, and Lindgren began following the bird around before eventually running it over in the driveway of homeowner Natalie Paraskevopoulos, who called police after finding the animal.

Paraskevopoulos told Bay News 9 that the bird was part of a familiar group of neighborhood ducks. “We raised them practically, ‘cause we’ve known them since they were ducklings," she said. "So, it was just really devastating because you become attached to these animals, almost like they’re your pets."

It's been one "fowl" news month. Last week, a woman was arrested after she was allegedly caught on tape kicking geese in the head at a park. And earlier this week, it was announced that the Thanksgiving turkeys "pardoned" by Obama are not long for this world.



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