Karen Lorre Has 11 Orgasms In One Day Thanks To 'Orgasmic Meditation'

Former Playmate Reveals Secret To 11 Orgasms A Day

Come again?

Actress and former Playmate Karen Lorre told Medical Daily this week that she has been able to orgasm 11 times in one day using "Orgasmic Meditation."

Orgasmic Meditation, or OM, is "is a tool that activates and cultivates your Orgasm," according to TheTimeForOrgasm.us, the website of an upcoming OM conference in San Francisco.

The folks behind OM -- which focuses on female pleasure and orgasm -- write that "Rather than Orgasm being a fleeting moment in time, we view Orgasm as a source of unlimited energy that’s found in all of us."

For Lorre, that's apparently a lot of unlimited energy. She told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that not only does she practice OM "often," she had already "done it twice" before appearing on air.

OK, so what EXACTLY does OM entail? Nicole Daedone, OM practioner and founder of OneTaste, told HuffPost Live about her first experience with the method.

"You'll just lie down, you'll take off your pants, I'll stroke you for 15 minutes, and then when it's over, you're free to go." Daedone miraculously consented to this, and after one session, she was hooked.

"I had the most profound human connection I had ever experienced," she told HPL.

Practicing OM doesn't necessarily mean getting stroked up by a stranger, though. OneTaste offers a slew of OM classes where couples can learn how undertake the pleasurable practice in the privacy of their own homes.

NSFW Demonstration Below:

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