The Star Of Karen Walker's New Campaign Is A Dog Who Has More Confidence Than Most People

This Dog Can Give You Advice On How To Feel 'Brave And Hot'

By now, you've probably heard of Toast, the almost impossibly cute, toothless dog who has catapulted to Instagram celebrity status.

If not, stop what you're doing, find the nearest smartphone and follow @toastmeetsworld on Instagram. The adorable pup has already made her rounds within the fashion community (rubbing paws with the likes of Karlie Kloss & Irina Shayk on a regular basis) but this dog is much more than just good looks. In fact, she (along with her owners) use her fame as a platform to advocate against puppy mills, like the one from which she was rescued.

It is in that spirit of good style & good cause that eyewear extraordinaire Karen Walker decided to feature Toast in her summer 2015 campaign. Sure, Walker has commissioned some unconventional models before, but Toast is a different kind of celebrity. "It wasn’t until we first saw this season’s star that we thought there was a celebrity who could actually capture the essence of our brand in a campaign," she said.

We had a chance to, er, "chat" with the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (really her owner Katie Sturino, obviously) about her rise to stardom, the modeling advice she received pre-shoot (hint: it involves Beyoncé, naturally), and of course, how she keeps her coat so shiny.

HuffPost Style:First of all, you look fantastic in the new campaign. You were already so stylish before, how do you think being in this ad will change your look?
Toast: Well, I think I won’t be caught dead in public without a pair of Karen Walker's.

HPS: What is your favorite pair in the collection?
T: The Starburst in Navy. Who doesn't love a cat eye on a dog?


HPS: Besides a pair of KW's, what are three things every "NYC It Girl" needs in her wardrobe?
T: A solid tote that can act as a suit case (I throw my laptop, scarf, wallet, a magazine…and occasionally myself into one.) I prefer Iomoi’s classic tote, a leather jacket that makes you instantly feel like you are in the Ramones (I prefer BLK DNM) and finally, a turban.

HPSWhy do you think she picked you for the campaign?
T: Have you seen the photos?

HPS:What do your owners think of the campaign?
T:My mom is basically Kris Jenner, trying to live out her dreams as a model through me, so she is over the moon. My dad is pretty out of it but I am sure he is proud.


HPS: Did you receive any modeling advice?
T: Yes, Karlie Kloss is a friend. She sat me down and taught me how to turn it on in front of the camera. I can be shy, so she told me to pretend I was someone else during the job. So, I pretended I was Beyoncé. I think that is just the normal thing to do right now when you want to feel brave and hot.

HPS:What would you say to other dogs trying to break into the modeling industry?
T: Don't give up.

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