Kari Lake Says If She's Not Made Arizona Governor, America Will 'Turn Into A Venezuela'

"There's a boatload of evidence in our favor," the Republican who lost in November said. There isn't.

Failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake insisted in an interview Friday that if she is not made governor of Arizona, the U.S. will turn into Venezuela.

The Donald Trump-backed Republican raised the specter of a Venezuelan America in an interview with far-right student agitator Charlie Kirk.

Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in November, the election has been certified and Hobbs has taken office. Lake also lost a court case last month challenging the election result and has since appealed.

“There’s a boatload of evidence in our favor,” Lake baselessly claimed in the interview. “We just need a judge to wake up and realize what’s on the line here, and if we do not restore honest elections right now, our country will turn into a Venezuela. We have Venezuelan-style elections, and this is how you destroy a country.”

Ironically, the ascension to power by someone who isn’t chosen in a free election is typical of authoritarian leadership in Venezuela, not in an American democracy.

Check out Lake’s warning here:

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