Kari Lake Tells Notorious Liar Kayleigh McEnany She ‘Took A Page Out Of Your Playbook’

The GOP nominee for Arizona governor thanked the Trump White House press secretary for "showing us the way."

Kari Lake, the hard-right GOP nominee for governor in Arizona, on Wednesday thanked Trump White House press secretary and now Fox personality Kayleigh McEnany for “showing us the way” in how to be combative with the media.

McEnany, who frequently lied during her time representing Trump from the White House lectern, recalled her “offense only” tactic against reporters during an interview with former local news anchor Lake on Wednesday.

“I took a page out of your playbook, Kayleigh, I took a page out of your playbook,” responded Lake. “You really did show us how to do it and turn the tables on these hypocrites in the fake news.”

“Thank you for showing us the way,” added Lake, who is running against Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state.

Lake, who is rumored to be in the running for GOP vice presidential nominee in 2024 and has endorsed being nicknamed “Trump in a dress,” earlier this week vowed to be “fake news’ worst nightmare for eight years.”

Watch the interview here:

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