Pup Is All #NoNewFriends, Sticks With One Favorite Pal 'Til The End

One love. One life.

Puppies are undeniably adorable. But they’re also pretty destructive. They’re essentially a hurricane of cute.

It’s something that Karissa Lerch of Durham, North Carolina, and her boyfriend, Steven, quickly learned when they adopted a 6-week old Alaskan malamute they named Luca.

“She destroys every stuffed animal,” Lerch wrote on the content-sharing site Reddit. “Except this one.”

Below the comment she posted two precious pictures of Luca at 8 weeks old and a year and a half snuggling with her favorite toy, Mr. Wolf:

“I originally got the stuffed animal when I was in college when I really wanted a puppy but wasn't yet financially stable or had the time for one,” Lerch told The Huffington Post. “So I settled for a stuffed one!”

A few years later, Lerch was able to afford pet ownership, so she passed the plush pup down to Luca “and she has kept it by her side at all times ever since.”

Originally the stuffed animal's name was Luca as well, but that got confusing, so it was renamed “Mr. Wolf.”

Luca, who Lerch describes as “the happiest dog in the world” and “70 pounds of muscle and fluff,” likes most things -- except for baths.

"But yet she does love to go swimming in the pool!” Lerch said.

Luca loves to play with all kinds of toys from traditional tug of war ropes and balls, to anything with a squeaker and elk antlers. 

Yet they have all ceased to exist thanks to the destructive nature of this playful pooch.

But Luca and Mr. Wolf are inseparable.

“It's her baby,” said Lerch. “She carries it around everywhere and always has it with her when she goes to bed.”

As much as Luca loves her stuffed bestie, she may have some real doggie companionship pretty soon.

“We actually plan on getting her a little sister, or another malamute, in January,” said Lerch. “So we may need to buy another stuffed wolf soon!” 

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