Egg McMuffin Smugglers Face Unhappy Meal In Court

The contraband goodie bag also included vodka, pot, cocaine and a plastic egg.

A British couple has been sentenced to prison after they were caught on surveillance video trying to smuggle a variety of items into a London-area prison, including an Egg McMuffin.

Karl Jensen, 27 and his girlfriend, Lisa Mary Hutchinson, 26, were sentenced Thursday for the October 2014 incident at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, the BBC reports.

Video cameras captured Jensen tying a bag fulled of goodies to a fishing line that was pulled into a cell.

In addition to the Egg McMuffin, the contraband included marijuana, cocaine, a five-inch blade, a cellphone, a smartwatch, a plastic egg containing five SIM cards, a bottle of vodka, and USB chargers, according to

Police did not say who was meant to receive this cornucopia of contraband.

"Jensen and Hutchinson tried to smuggle prohibited items including drugs, alcohol and a knife inside a prison -- the combination could have been deadly,” Metropolitan Police Detective Constable Andy Griffin told the Mirror. "Thankfully, vigilant prison staff foiled the plot and they were quickly arrested."

Jensen pleaded guilty to seven charges and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years behind bars.

Hutchinson was sentenced to 12 months community service and must attend a community rehabilitation program, according to the New York Daily News.

The status of the Egg McMuffin is unknown.


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