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Karl Lagerfeld: Angela Merkel Should Dress 'According To Her Special Proportions' (PHOTOS)

08/12/2013 11:45am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Karl Lagerfeld has something to say about everybody... including major world leaders. Yes, the Chanel head honcho famous for his digs at Adele, Michelle Obama and Pippa Middleton (to name a few) has now turned his tongue toward political figures.

Karl's latest victim: Angela Merkel, whom he acknowledges "doesn't want advice" on fashion in an interview with Germany's Focus. Let's just say the German chancellor isn't known for her style choices -- in fact, we have to admit Lagerfeld raises a fair point about the trousers Merkel wore to meet President Obama in June. His (constructive!) advice:

"Miss Merkel [should dress] according to her special proportions... [with Obama], the proportions were bad, like the cut. The pants were too long."

But Karl did dole out one compliment last year, when he mentioned Merkel's "beautiful blue eyes." Is he going soft on us?

Check out Merkel's slack slacks in the photos below. Do you agree with Lagerfeld's critique?


angela merkel

angela merkel

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