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Karl Lagerfeld Designs $339,000 Safe Called 'Narcissus'

Karl Lagerfeld Designs $339,000 Safe Called 'Narcissus'

Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with German luxury safe maker Dottling to create the world's most expensive personal safe, costing $339,000, WWD reports. But what's priceless is its name: Narcissus. Meant to hold all of your Karl Lagerfeld-designed items, the safe is "just under six-feet tall and less than a foot deep, the steel body, sheathed in high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum, looks like an impregnable monolith," until it opens, containing cabinets and drawers. Only 30 Narcissuses will be made, and Lagerfeld is taking one, which means there's 29 left! You'd better get moving if you want one, and also do some shopping in order to fill it up.

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