Karl Lagerfeld: Michelle Obama's Bangs Were A Bad Idea

Karl Lagerfeld: Michelle Obama's Bangs Were A Bad Idea

Michelle Obama's bangs have been the topic of conversation stateside ever since she surprised the country with her newly cropped 'do. So it was only a matter of time before Karl Lagerfeld, fashion's chattiest designer, gave his two cents.

In an interview for France's Canal Plus, the Chanel creative director told host Yann Barthes, "I don't understand the change of hair ... Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It's not good." Karl went on to say that Michelle now looks like "une speakerine de LCI." Translation: She looks like a news anchor. Méchant, Karl.

To be fair, the designer did say that he adores "Madame Obama," so we assume this was his attempt at constructive criticism. But to make FLOTUS feel a little better about being called out by The Kaiser, here are 5 things that Karl probably hates more than her bangs:

  1. Pippa Middleton's face
  2. Adele's body
  3. Japanese people's eating habits
  4. Anorexic models (actually, we're kind of on the fence about that one)
  5. Russian men

Feel better, Michelle?

Click over to Canal Plus' website to watch the whole interview with Karl (warning: it's in French).

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