Karl Rove Offers '2014 Forecasts'

In a Wall Street Journal piece published Wednesday, Karl Rove offered "a set of 2014 forecasts" and looked back on how well he predicted things in 2013.

Rove said 10 of his predictions for 2013 were right, including his guess that the implementation of Obamacare would be "ragged and ugly." Rove said four of his predictions were wrong, including his guess that former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush would get a grandson. (They got a granddaughter this year when their daughter Jenna gave birth to Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager in April.)

As for 2014, Rove made several predictions about the GOP, saying he believes Republicans will maintain control of the House "with a modest pickup of 4-6 seats." Here are some of his other GOP predictions:

Republicans will lose a net of one or two of their 30 governorships. They'll add to their numbers in statewide offices and state legislatures and see more Latino, Asian-American, African-American and women Republicans elected up and down the ballot.

Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win. In reaction to ObamaCare, GOP political divisions are giving way to unity. Tens of millions more Americans will lose their coverage and find that new ObamaCare plans have higher premiums, larger deductibles and fewer doctors. Enrollment numbers will be smaller than projected and budget outlays will be higher. The White House will blame insurers and Republicans for the law's continuing failures.

But Rove didn't just weigh in on politics. Despite recent controversy over star Phil Robertson's anti-gay remarks, Rove predicted A&E's "Duck Dynasty" will "set another cable viewership record" in 2014. He also predicted Miley Cyrus' popularity will fade and Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar for her role in the 2013 film "Gravity."

Read Rove's Wall Street Journal piece here.



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