Karl Rove and Joe Lieberman: BFFs

It never ceases to amaze me the thoroughness with which establishment media can instantly internalize the right's talking points.  Mike Allen of Time Magazine announces that a Lamont win is Good For the Republicans.  As Atrios noted, when is anything not good for the Republicans?  But already in the face of no aggressive Democratic pushback and against all evidence to the contrary, a Lamont win is attributable to angry blosopheric hippies and it's accepted as CW that Karl Rove will happily run on cut-and-run Democrats in November.

Except Allen neglects to mention that he won't be doing it alone.  Rove now has a mole deep within the Democratic party helping him out, and the mole's name is Joe Lieberman.  Rove has put the word out that Connecticut Republicans are no longer supposed to push Alan Schlessinger and his awkward gambling problem out of the race, because he wants Joe Lieberman and his giant wounded ego running against the Democrats from within the Democratic party.  It doesn't look like Joe will see his dream fulfilled of getting the GOP nomination in CT after all.  His useful idiocy depends on his willingness to keep the Democratic party in chaos and running against their own in November with silly narratives like "hippies, negros and communists vs. rational centrists (hat tip Marty Peretz).

I realize there was a window when it was necessary to give Joe some graceful exit room, but he's not taking it.  He's barricaded himself in his bubble of wounded delusion, refusing to answer the hotel door when Chris Dodd came a-knockin' while staring into that magic mirror which whispers to him he's a Great Man.  If allowed to do so by major Democrats like Schumer, Reid and Clinton, he will single-handedly undermine the ability of Democrats to run nationally against an unpopular war and keep the party in disarray as people like Ken Salazar undermine it from within by legitimizing Joe's crybaby beef.  The GOP messaging on this has so far gone unanswered, even as right wing ghouls like Dan Senor are dispatched to take the place of Lieberman's lame Democratic consultants and commence the swiftboating of Lamont and those who could capitalize on his victory. 

I understand they are in a tough position at the moment that I do not envy, but it would be nice to see those in leadership positions within the Democratic party find their voices over this one and show some, you know, leadership before it is too late.