Bill O'Reilly Makes Fun Of Karl Rove's Prediction Skills

Bill O'Reilly had a little fun at Karl Rove's expense on Monday night.

While appearing on "The O'Reilly Factor" from Las Vegas, Rove whipped out his whiteboard to drive home some points about the upcoming midterm election.

When the political strategist finished, O'Reilly warned him not to bring the whiteboard into the casinos.

"I don't gamble," Rove said.

"With your prediction record, that's a wise move," O'Reilly cracked.

"Y'know that was personal and petty," Rove said. "That was personal and petty."

"That's me," said O'Reilly. "P and P."

Back in 2012, after predicting a Mitt Romney win in the presidential election, Rove threw a fit on live television when Fox News called Ohio for President Barack Obama.

It's not clear whether Rove was joking with O'Reilly or genuinely stung by the re-opened wound. But between the two of them, only one was laughing... and it wasn't Rove.



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