Karl Rove-Linked Crossroads Groups Have Raised $100 Million In 2012 Cycle

American Crossroads, a pro-Republican super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove along with its nonprofit affiliate Crossroads GPS, have raised just short of $100 million this election cycle, according to Politico.

The impressive figure includes $49 million in the first quarter of 2012, beating out the presidential campaign of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who brought in $31.2 million for the quarter.

"I'll leave it up to the organization to put out the news release, but $100 million's a lot of money, yes," said Rove on Fox News Friday morning when asked about the number.

The groups plan to spend as much as $300 million to attack President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. Crossroads GPS recently spent $1.7 million blaming Obama for high gas prices.

According to Crossroads, it has $24.4 million in cash on hand. Crossroads GPS won't report a figure. The latter group is classified as a 501(c)(4) under the tax code whose primary purpose is "social welfare" and not political activity; it does not disclose its donors.

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