Karl Rove Now Using Elizabeth Warren To Troll Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON -- The Karl Rove-founded group American Crossroads is using progressive icon Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as a weapon against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new ad.

The ad is entirely narrated by the voice of Warren, relying on her refrain about the deck being stacked against regular people on behalf of the powerful. But instead of the Wall Street honchos and corporate CEOs Warren is typically referring to, the ad shows images of Middle Eastern men, paired with news reports highlighting contributions from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Clinton Foundation.

The 30-second spot would seem to fit the dictionary definition of concern trolling, though a Crossroads spokesperson said that Warren indeed ought to be angered about the influence-peddling by the Saudis and Emirates.

"Elizabeth Warren must be just as outraged as every other American about Hillary Clinton’s donations from foreign governments. It’s time for progressives like her to stand up and hold Clinton accountable," Crossroads' Paul Lindsay said.

A spokeswoman for Warren wasn't immediately available to comment on her level of outrage.



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